New York-based toy company Kidrobot has teamed up with hip-hop comic creators Ishmael Ford-Bey, the founder of Gangster Chronicles, and graffiti veteran Tramp Daly for the release of a new toy collection dubbed The Untouchables.

The series is a custom line of comic super heros inspired by the animated comic "The Untouchables." It will be available worldwide at Kidrobot locations and will feature leading characters "Prince" and "GC Boss Ish." Prince, who is adorned in “old school” gear including a fur coat, high hat and sneakers represents the golden era of the culture. Ish represents the modern culture, sporting a more upscale, conservative look which includes Louis Vuitton clothing and accessories.

“I’ve been drawing and creating stories ever since I was a kid," said Daly via a statement. "The toy line is a natural development in my evolution as an artist."

The launch party for the collaboration will be held at Kidrobot’s flagship store (118 Prince Street New York, NY 10012) on Thursday (June 14) and will feature DJ Questlove of The Roots. The event will commence at 5:00pm and will conclude at 9:00pm. Both Ford-Bey and Daly will be present doing signings of the limited edition figures.—Gina Montana