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The Break Presents: Cane
The DMV continues to buzz thanks to rappers like Black Cobain and Shy Glizzy. Meet the Don Draper of rap Cane, who is dropping his new project Charlie St. Chi on Jan. 28.
Standout: "Grassroots Tangent"
Also check out: "Problem"
And: TeamBackPack Cypher
Name: Cane is the name
Age: 27
The Break Presents: Raz Simone
After building his buzz through a slew of EPs and storytelling visuals, Seattle’s Raz Simone is preparing to grind even harder. As the first signee to Lyor Cohen, Todd Moscowitz and Kevin Liles’ 300 label, the 24-year-old has no where to go but up...
The Break Presents: Amber London
Houston, Texas native Amber London is “screwed up” in the right way. Her braggadocios lyrics are backed up with a face-smacking attitude similar to females who repped the south decades ago.
Raider Klan’s sole female member cites Gangsta Boo as one of her bi…
The Break Presents: Priceless Da Roc
The Bay Area is in the midst of another dance craze. Created by Priceless Da Roc and popularized by Sage The Gemini’s “Red Nose,” yiking is going nationwide. Look forward to more club-friendly slaps by the aspiring 26-year-old soon.
Standout: "Yiken"
Also check out: "Yang Straight"…
The Break Presents: Lightshow
After generating a buzz from his Life Sentence 2 mixtape, the Washington D.C. MC is on course to open doors for his city. If you’ve been sleeping, check out why Lightshow is considered next up.
Standout: "Came A Long Way"
Also check out: "Let's Talk About It"
And: "Myself"…
The Break Presents: Fearce Vill
Fearce Vill is giving us a different look than what most people are used to out of the Seattle area. With his Let It Be album releasing on iTunes today, the Dyme Def member’s dense, yet catchy wordplay will turn a lot of heads.
Standout: "Bully"
Also check out: "Yvette Glover"
And: …
The Break Presents: Sweetz P
Sweetz P has been quietly making a name for herself. The up-and-coming Minneapolis rapper is known for her spacey, stoner raps that sometimes draw comparisons to Wiz Khalifa. With her new tape, #Liferrrs: Guide To Watching Porn Without Headphones, showcasing her progression and versatility, Sweetz P…
The Break Presents: Jamall Bufford
Hip-hop can be a young man’s game, but the Michigan-based rapper is proving that the older cats can run with the best of them. The 33-year-old's introspective style should not be slept-on, especially if its dominant all over his new album Victim of a Modern Age...
The Break Presents: Lorine Chia
Being mistakenly listed as a guest vocalist on “Blood on the Leaves” from Kanye West’s Yeezus only brought more deserved endowment to Cleveland, OH.’s multi-talented songstress Lorine Chia.
Recently catching the attention of most major music…
The Break Presents: Denmark Vessey
Detroit native Denmark Vessey represents his hometown roots to the fullest. After garnering a buzz for Cult Classic, the Motor City rapper/producer is ready to takeover 2014.
Standout: "HoeininDaGaddaDaVida" With Scud One
Also check out: "#CultClassic"
And: "They Schweepy"…

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