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The Break Presents: TxE
PDX has an untapped hip-hop scene worth looking into. With fellow Northwest rappers like Macklemore and Sol building their brands, this trio of MCs is on the cusp of becoming something big. Read up on TxE, who just released their excellent new album vs...
The Break Presents: Michael Millions
Underground MC, Michael Millions recently proved his skills are no apparition with his new project, Ghost of $20 Bills. Now, get acquainted with the polished wordsmith from Richmond, Virginia.
Standout: “Jordan Jackson”
Also check out: “Ashes and Samples”
And: “2AM”
Name: Michael Millions
Age: 30
The Break Presents: Dom McLennon
Connecticut’s own Dom McLennon is part of the buzzing Alive Since Forever collective that includes Kevin Abstract. Before you get lost in his “multimedia project” THESIS, here’s what you need to know about the new kid on the block.
The Break Presents: Ken Rebel
This young upstart is out to prove he’s more than just trendsetter. He can rap, too. Get familiar with the 19-year-old spitter who is out to build a legacy in the rap game.—Christian Mordi
Standout: "HALLELUJAH"
Also check out: "Rebelution"
The Break Presents: Michael Christmas
We once featured Michael Christmas on The New New for Boston rappers, but he is ready to show his skills on the forthcoming project Is This Art? If you don’t know about him, now you know.
Standout: "Daily"
Also check out: "Michael Cera"
And: "Jackie Brown"
Name: Michael Chr…
The Break Presents: Spade-O
Philly MC Spade-O is enjoying his second coming. The once member of the legendary group Major Figgas is making his solo run count with the release of his recent mixtape, Spade-O Unchained. For those who don’t know, get hip again to the veteran lyricist making a comeback...
The Break Presents: EarthGang
Atlanta’s hip-hop scene is producing the bulk of today’s biggest stars. Now, you can add the talented EarthGang, who often draw comparisons to the Dungeon Family. The duo has created their own unique sound that many rap fans should check out...
The Break Presents: Chavis Chandler
Chavis Chandler, who just released his mixtape Dark Skin Jermaine And The Legend Of The Leather Britches, is confident he’s the next to blow out of Detroit. Influenced by the likes of Missy Elliott and DMX, he believes his unorthodox style will catch on quickly...
The Break Presents: Topaz Jones
Fortunately for hip-hop, there are many talented, young rappers creating music today who are energizing the genre with new perspectives and fresh lyrics. While this year's collection of burgeoning MCs seems to be growing at a faster rate, few seem prepared to make the transition from budding ra…

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