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Rocko Misses The Mark On ‘Lingo 4 Dummys’ Mixtape

If Rocko's latest mixtape, Lingo 4 Dummys, had dropped around 2005 when the dirty south was taking over, then by all means this mixtape might be considered a cult classic. Rappers could be spitting slang he's created on Lingo to this day. Hip-hop has had a resurgence since then, however, and with such artists as Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and Drake taking over the game, it's an uncomfortable position to be in going into Lingo 4 Dummys. With that said, Rocko raps about topics on life that's relatable to a lot of us. What's overshadowing are tracks like "W1UW," "Nunnayu" and ...

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