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RZA as Bobby Digital
Digi Snacks

RZA’s creative output as Bobby Digital has been a mixed bag. The Zorro-masked alter ego allows the Wu-Tang shogun to lighten up his usual Five Percenter demeanor and indulge in guilty pleasures. On 1998’s RZA as Bobby Digital in Stereo and 2001’s Digital Bullet, the MC/producer’s scene-stealing beats furthered his split personality. Yet RZA’s B-level lyricism and overcrowded, C-grade guest lists spoiled their overall taste. In the wake of the Clan’s feud-engulfed reunion, 8 Diagrams, comes Digi Snacks, a dish that’s equally sweet and sour. Unlike its predecessors, Digi Snacks bumps along with a notable disconnect from the Wu’s sample-heavy, dusty ...

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