Everybody in the club went missing

I thought Guru's heart attack was a sad reminder of what can happen to artists when they no longer have a viable career, then I heard about J-Kwon, who's been missing for over a month now. He was supposed to put out an album this month on an independent label no one ever heard of, but they haven't been able to contact him. J-Kwon is so insignificant at this point that I only heard about the fact that he's missing from a link attached to a story about Guru, on AllHipHop. I hadn't so much as visited AllHipHop in possibly as ...

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No End To The Drought

Before Tip left, Paper Trail was his Grammy nominated confessional. Before Gucci went back to prison, The State vs. Radric Davis was released. Before Boosie unwillingly became ...

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Ya Boy, The Fix 2

Ya Boy The Fix 2 Beats: M Lyrics: L Originality: L Since dropping his debut album, Rookie of the Year, in 2005, Bay Area rapper Ya Boy has released ...

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