The People Who Like Your Music Just Want to Hear Your Voice

Some people are looking at my solo album, Tanya Morgan Presents: Don Cusack in High Fidelity, as the group breaking up or something. This is nowhere near the case. Actually, this is the part of the Tanya Morgan group process that usually goes unseen; that lapse between albums is usually filled with solo collaborations and hunting for inspiration. Oddly enough, doing solo material is not really different than doing group material. We each submit song ideas and demos to the group, which ultimately means that certain songs on a Tanya Morgan album actually belongs to a specific group member. For instance, ...

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Ludacris, Battle of the Sexes

Ludacris Battle of the Sexes (Disturbing Tha Peace) Beats: XL Lyrics: XL Originality: XL One can never accuse Ludacris of being a card-carrying member of hip-hop’s testosterone-driven all-boys club, where ...

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