REVIEW: Trina, Who’s Bad?

Trina Who’s Bad? Beats: L Lyrics: L Originality: L Say what you want about Trina, but she sure is consistent. On her 2000 debut, the Miami madam proclaimed she was Da Baddest Bitch and last year she reaffirmed that she was Still Da Baddest. With the music world still mourning the passing of Michael Jackson, it makes sense that Trina would use the King of Pop’s 1987 opus, Bad, as inspiration for her latest mixtape, Who’s Bad? MJ fans need not worry about Trina trying to flip any of his classic beats, as she keeps her sound focused on Southern bounce and only evokes Michael’s ...

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County of Kings

Over the weekend I got to check out this amazing one-man show titled County of Kings, written and performed by Def Poetry mainstay Lemon Andersen. ...

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