Have a baby by Nas, be a millionaire

It must chap Nas' ass whenever he hears that song "Baby By Me" by 50 Cent. (No homo.) I mean, it's bad enough he's gotta pay out the ass each month for child support for young Knight Rider Jones, who can't cost any more to feed than it costs to keep me in Yellow Tail. (We're talking very low three figures.) But every time he turns on the rrradio, he hears a song celebrating this kind of bullshit, 15 times a day, for 3 months. Man, fuck that shit! Then adding insult to injury is the fact that Fiddy Cent makes at ...

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Alterna-Rap Jack

Remember I told you I’m a music dude. Guess what, music dude’s like alterna-rap. (So do white guys, I’m one of those, too—a jewish one ...

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