How I know the Clipse really are drug dealers

While most rappers try to convince people they're drug dealers, even though they aren't, the Clipse find themselves in the opposite situation. They're trying to convince people they aren't drug dealers, even though they obviously are. The first sign was when the older of the two brothers, who appears to be about 50 (he must have dipped into his own supply once or twice) put out that video of himself making pancakes, right around the time their manager got sent up for epic weed and cocaine trafficking. For a minute there, it looked like it was about to be a video ...

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REVIEW: Birdman, Pricele$$

Birdman Pricele$$ Cash Money/Universal Beats: XL Lyrics: L Originality: M Birdman has certainly paid the cost to be the boss. After spending the last two decades at the helm of Cash ...

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Beans Lost

I'm sure you've heard the freestyle Beanie Sigel dropped this weekend entitled How  I Could Kill Jigga Man. Beans spits a couple of bars over ...

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