Comeback Season — Dame Dash FTW

Everybody loves an underdog and nobody was more counted out than Damon Dash when the Roc crumbled back in 2004. First, there was the short-lived, Universal-distributed Dame Dash Music Group, then, he kept it pushing in the fashion world for a bit with his ex-wife Rachel Roy (are they divorced yet? I’m actually not sure). Sure, we’ve seen Dame with Jim Jones, helping to promote Capo’s Pray IV Reign; still, most folks didn’t expect the cocky executive to be back on top. But now, with a host of projects—including his new Blak Roc, Creative Control, 24 Hour Karate School, DD172 production ...

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Tainted love

I was charging money for album reviews back before it was all trendy. Back in 2004, I joked in a post on my own site that ...

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Obie Trice, Special Reserve

Obie Trice Special Reserve Moss Appeal Music Beats: XL Lyrics: XL Originality: L Obie Trice’s new album, Special Reserve, his first official release since leaving Eminem’s Shady Records in 2008, ...

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