Where’s New York’s Leaders Of The Pack?

This week has been a pretty good week for music, if I must say. T.I. found the time in between his 1,500 hours of community service to drop off a single. Pac Div and Game released mixtapes. B.o.B debuted. J. Cole may actually make Jay-Z look like a genius. Drake is poised to Corky-croon his way back into the vaginal folds of women everywhere. The list goes on. Thing is, most of the things that have came out have been from the western, southern, Midwestern and international regions, which begs the question: what’s going on out here in New York? Where ...

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Dancehall > Rap

Living in Southern California for most of my life, I was a witness to the disappearance of Caribbean rhythms in the city. A stark contrast ...

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Game, The Red Room

Game The Red Room Beats: L Lyrics: XL Originality: L To generate interest for his forthcoming effort, The R.E.D. Album, Game offers his latest DJ Skee-helmed mixtape, The Red ...

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