Dre Day

He's a pretty muthafucka. Tall and he's got good hair. The type of nigga Wesley Snipes had to pull his sword out on and punch a hole in his hand. His name is Dre. No, not the cat from Cali, who drops albums every six years. No, not the other one. The fat one who used to host Yo MTV Raps!, who I last saw in the green room of ESPN's Cold Pizza. Nah he's Dre, from Cool and Dre, and something about this Floridian newcomer just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. You see quietly this cat has been ...

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Be Healthy

I was watching Rap City the other night (shout out to Petal at MuchMusic in T-Dot) and Timbaland was the guest host. I don’t normally ...

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