The Way We Ball

That's right, sports fans: The NBA playoffs are here. Which means on the nightly, you can catch me and the wife flopped down on the living room couch enjoying the action. She's riding with Avery and the Mavericks while your boy YN just wants some crunch-time games, a buzzer beater or two and somehow, someway a team to step and save us from the impending Pistons-Spurs snoozefest. Equally dismal as that thought, is many of these jump-shooting athletes continued obsession with trying to be MCs. Yeah, it's been long documented. These big niggas love to spit and they sound like shit. ...

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Dre Day

He's a pretty muthafucka. Tall and he's got good hair. The type of nigga Wesley Snipes had to pull his sword out on and punch ...

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