Making it rain at Strokers (nullus)

Nothing to say, really, about all these rappers weed carriers getting killed other than that you jigs need to cut that shit out. After all, if all the bag handlers get killed, who's going to carry around all the pot? I'd consider "quitting" hip-hop, but it's not likely I could find another job anyway. And I certainly couldn't afford a "Zegna." Maybe that was my problem in the first place. Anyhoo, the strip club scene in Atlanta is, apparently, as they say in the Bay Area, off the hizzle for shizzle. In scenes not unlike the one that cost TI's bag ...

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Nature of a Sista

Yeah Luda hates her. And 50 is currently co-signing. Yup, the rap world just ain't feelin' Oprah Winfrey nowadays. Maybe we're just hating 'cause she's ...

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You’ll See

Truth be told I already knew the Hot 97 Summer Jam line-up before it was announced last Thursday. The inside info is a benefit for ...

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