Jeezy’s Jedi Mind Tricks – Which is the Real Summer Anthem?

Just when I was about ready to declare Jeezy’s “Lose My Mind” the song of summer 2010—what “Wasted” or “Ice Cream Paint Job” was to summer 2009—he drops “All White Everything (The Summer Anthem)” …His title, not mine. Now, is it just me, or does “Lose My Mind” sound much more like a club banger than “All White Everything?” …and what’s with the Jedi mind tricks? You put “summer anthem” in the title and that’s just supposed to make it so? Don't get me wrong, both songs are hot, but, personally, I feel like "Lose My Mind" is the summer smash ...

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Stick To Hip Hop, Please

Not gonna lie; “Under Pressure” sucks balls. Its unfinished nature sucks. Dr. Dre’s doofy, Wyclef Jean-style “Sak Pase” line sucks. Jay-Z’s #FakeDrake rapping sucks. That ...

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