Fat Joe Is No One-Hit Wonder – The Music Speaks For Itself

I want Fat Joe to win. Not because I’m some Stan or anything ‘cause I'm not, but I’ve met him a few times and he’s actually a pretty nice guy. (Trust me, that’s rare for this industry). There’s just a certain charismatic energy about Joe. His eyes light up when he tells a story and it’s obvious that he not only has a love for hip-hop but also a passion for it. That’s why it sucks to see someone like that constantly get the short end of the stick. I can’t front, I chuckled earlier this year when I first heard ...

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Not Really

So dig this: by now I’m sure most of you have heard or heard of Talib Kweli’s curiously far-left-of-center cut he did with Gucci Mane, ...

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The List

We’ve all done one. We’ve all provided or two cents on them. Some have even started arguments and fights over them. The list. Some lists ...

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