The Greatest Interns in Hip-Hop History -Paying Dues Pays Off

Being an intern isn’t all coffee-fetching and errand-running. It’s an opportunity to check your ego, get your foot in the door, and push yourself to levels you never knew existed. I’m gassing? Just look at some of the biggest names in hip-hop as proof of what can be accomplished by ambitious apprentices. Whether they were actual interns, like Puffy at Uptown, or unofficial understudies, like former Digital Underground backup dancer Tupac Shakur, those that have completed the beautiful struggle from the bottom to the top know that paying dues is what hip-hop, nay, America, is all about. Here’s a look ...

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Free Labor Pains

The internship. According to my favorite website (that doesn’t involve sneakers or gratuitous nudity), an intern is “someone who works in a temporary position with ...

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Bitching is the new black. I’ve fiddled around with that thought in my head for the past few hours, trying to properly expound on that idea. ...

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