What Dr. Dre does all day

Whoever said in the comments section yesterday that Dr. Dre shouldn't bother releasing Detox, because he's damn near as old as my parents and he's got a shedload of money was right: I don't know what Dr. Dre does all day when he's obviously not working on Detox, but whatever it was it made him $17 million last year. Like, literally, I have no idea what Dr. Dre spends his days and nights doing. Nhjic. You fruits can probably gather, from following my blogs, Twitter and what have you, that I spend a lot of time listening to Sainthood by Tegan ...

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Turn me off

The last time a track from Detox leaked to the Internets, I could believe that the white guy from 2dopeboyz hacked into someone's email, found ...

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