My Love/Hate Relationship With Hip-Hop – I Was a Fiend

Last month we announced our second reader blog contest, where one lucky commenter would get a shot at guest blogging for a week. After receiving a ton of submissions, a winner was finally selected. Give the man a hand… I don’t love hip-hop. I mean, I like it a lot, but I don’t love it. Not because I’m a hater, but probably because I have commitment issues. Love is a strong word. You could call me a fan, a freak, or even a fiend, but I only love my family—and Nicki Minaj. XXL wants me to tell y’all why I’m “an insatiable ...

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Trading Places

I don’t feel sorry for T.I. Nope, not one bit. Nothing at all. Before you start to scroll down to the delayed reaction of a c-section ...

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