From the Def Jam building to Cocaine Manor

Lost in the hoopla surrounding the McSteamy and Rebecca Gayheart sex tape is the fact that Rebecca Gayheart, aka the Mexecutioner, was once a video ho of sorts. Yeah, she's known primarily for those Noxema commercials, but all video hoes have something else they do besides showing off their asses in rap videos. It's hard to get by on $50 a day. Trust me, I should know. Back when I was in middle school, Rebecca Gayheart was in a Heavy D video, directed by Brett Ratner, back before he was the famous director of those Rush Hour movies and what have ...

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Stranger Than Fiction

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’m a suburban kid. Well, “adult,” now, sadly. I grew up next-to-houses-that-all-look-the-same just as much as the next dude ...

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